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The Basic Test Results are : This is quite a small Multi Dimensional
Excitement rating: 7.42 (High) coaster that is half up-side down, half
Intensity rating : 8.05 (Very High) upright. Its rails are black and red. It
Nausea rating : 7.50 (High) has many loops (up-side down and
upright) and a few twists along the way.
This is my first upload so i hope it
works and i also hope that you enjoy
this ride. Thankyou.

Also I am pretty sure this is a Multi Dimensional
coaster, so I dont know why it says it is a Pipline

Section Tracks
Type Multi Dimensional Coaster
File Size 79.82 KB
Date Uploaded Aug 27, 2011
Liked by SamDogy




if you did this in real youd earn a bomb its a really good coaster especially good to me as i can not make multidimensional coasters


Wow, really, ah, thankyou mate, if you want, i'll try get some more up for you if you'd like?


★Official RCTgo Comment★

I don't make these kind of coasters, they get on my twiddlers, anyway; great download.


Amazing job!