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Hey, y'all, this is Warden Jones here. This here's m'prison, and it ain't no ord'nary one neither. This here's a prison fer cowards. All them thar inmates is scared insane o' heights, bein' flipped upside down, an' bein' pushed along at fast speeds. So what better way to punish them for their crimes than to make 'em ride a big-ass roller coaster 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?

Have y'all got some cowardly little bastards in yer RCT2 game as well? Then feel free t'download and enjoy this here ride made by some city boy named Larry so y'all too can keep 'em in line. 'Course, that also means some of 'em peeps is gonna come by because they actually like ridin' it. I suppose y'all can punish them by lockin' em in a jail with rowin' boats if y'all want to.

(Side note: This here coaster requires the expansion packs if y'all's gonna use it.)

Excitement: 9.06
Intensity: 9.21
Nausea: 5.50

Section Tracks
Type Floorless Roller Coaster
File Size 13.92 KB
Date Uploaded Jan 31, 2018
Liked by SamDogy, MarleyD


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The expansions are needed for the scenery right?