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I'm back! Took a bit of a hiatus for personal matters.....Going through my library of my custom designs, I found a pretty nice wooden coaster to upload. It's a pretty tight-knit design that yields decent ratings. It's also a pretty color befitting of the name. Bon Appetit

Excitement Rating: 7.68 (Very High)
Intensity Rating: 8.93 (Very High)
Nausea Rating: 5.24 (High)

Section Tracks
Type Wooden Coaster
File Size 456 bytes
Date Uploaded Dec 13, 2020




In RCT3 I get: "This ride contains parts which do not join correctly."

Fred 104 4276

@DreamWeaver Please stop making those comments. Not every RCT2 design will work in RCT3, so just live with it.


On rctClassic, the design is not available to build. The game doesn't crash.
I'll just say it for those who want to download on rctClassic.