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I'm back! Took a bit of a hiatus for personal matters.....Going through my library of my custom designs, I found a pretty nice wooden coaster to upload. It's a pretty tight-knit design that yields decent ratings. It's also a pretty color befitting of the name. Bon Appetit

Excitement Rating: 7.68 (Very High)
Intensity Rating: 8.93 (Very High)
Nausea Rating: 5.24 (High)

Section Tracks
Type Wooden Coaster
File Size 456 bytes
Date Uploaded Dec 13, 2020




In RCT3 I get: "This ride contains parts which do not join correctly."

Fred 104 4276

@DreamWeaver Please stop making those comments. Not every RCT2 design will work in RCT3, so just live with it.