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The Poltergeist is a B&M inverted coaster that was added in 2014 in __some park__. During the ride, you will go through four fast paced inversions, several swooping hills, a trek over the park's river rapids ride, paths and other things several times, all comprised of 61mph of fun!

When the ride opened, it was the second fastest inverted roller coaster made by B&M, and it was also the third longest and tallest. The Poltergeist, along with the addition of Black Hole, was the park's newest area in the 2013-2014 expansion, which added a halloweeny theme to the park.

To this day, The Poltergeist is widely considered one of the best inverted roller coasters in the USA. The Poltergeist is always a fan favourite.

Incidents: In late 2015, during a pre-opening testing session, one of the train's rotating wheels snapped off causing a chain event to unveil after the train tried to complete the ride's fifth inversion, the corkscrew. During the sweeping up motion, another mechanism in the wheels failed, it clattered into the back half of the train and caused catastrophic damage to it, as it caused the back two rows to fly off the track coming to rest inches from where Timberwolf Rapid's biggest drop is. Luckily, no injuries were reported, and the train was replaced. With the replacement came the renovation of the ride's layout, and that included removing the corkscrew and adding a trim brake on the final swoop around before the zero-g inversion.

E: 9.02 (Very high)
I: 9.79 (Very high)
N: 8.35 (Very high)

It took a long time for this to come to fruition! Leave a like or a comment if you love this! Thanks!

Section Tracks
Type Inverted Roller Coaster
File Size 643.26 KB
Date Uploaded Oct 30, 2017




Very good


Thank you!


Why do I keep getting an error message?
"Exception Raised" etc.
Any chance you could just up load the track file as a TD6?


Late reply. You most likely need some form of downloadable that I don't have. Or, it could be something else causing you an issue.

As for uploading as a TD6, I can't. It would just be a track with no scenery. That isn't too fun, if ya ask me.

I hope you were able to get it fixed by now. If not, good luck!