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There once was a coaster called Drachen Fire at Busch Gardens Williamsburg. It was an arrow looper that gave a very unconventional ride experience. Originally however the ride was supposed to be made by B&M and would've been a similar coaster to Kumba down at it's sister park in Tampa.

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Type B&M Sitdown
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Date Uploaded Jan 10, 2019




thats fantastic.



Wish this would have been made but in to much of a rush b&m could not do both coasters at both parks back then plus the other parks they were doing then too which back then was alot they were the newest top performers back then with best coasters ever and still to this day are and most reliable to and all still running minus dragon challenge at universal islands of adventure and only torn it down because they could not get B&M to do new coaster in same spot because again of to busy so they torn it down and replaced it with a mack rides launch coaster hagrids motorbike chase but if not for that only B&M to be removed due to expansions and rethemeing in that section of park to Harry potter everything and needing this space for a new harry potter coaster like what they now have just if B&M would have made the new harry potter coaster at universal wow it be a winged flying coaster for like world cup dragon challenge or quidditch challenge or a hyper B&M and be themed for hagrids motorbike chase or the chase in 5th movie where they are all attacked trying to get harry to hogwarts floorless swinging hyper coaster now that be alot a hell of alot better then an mack rides or vekoma rollercoaster now intiman now that and gci rmc and gravity group are all great new coaster builders and rmc is atarting out like B&M did with a bang because they have the right stuff the know how and the ideas and technical know how to then create it after they think it up and design it