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The Revenge of Bort

Requires RCT2 or RCT Classic 3 screenshots 0 comments

This is intended to be run as a double of itself synchronized...But it isn't too shabby if you want to just run one half of it. (I would have uploaded it as both synchronized halves together as a single coaster but RCT Mobile won't seem to allow me to do so).

A single half of the ride ranks approx
Excitement - 7.00
Intensity - 7.75
Nausea - 5.50

Both halves together ranks approx
Excitement - 7.85
Intensity - 7.90
Nausea - 5.50

An first attempt to build a higher excitement version of a less popular lower capacity coaster style

Mini Suspended Flying Coaster
File Size
3.35 KB
Date Uploaded
Mar 15, 2017