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The Scream Machine - the one and only coaster that can call Vanilla Hills its home. Designed as a family coaster Arrow Dynamics eventually convinced ownership to add in a vertical loop and a corkscrew as to attract more people. Their argument being that since it was the only coaster in the park it would need to appeal to all potential riders rather than just families.

POV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VWznWdouAEc

I'd compile a list of CS used but in all honesty I can't remember which was used where, isn't there a program that tells you? (please leave a comment if you know what I'm talking about)

Ratings - (This is a CTR rather than the in-game ride variant so ratings may be a bit different than what you'd expect)

Excitement: 13.11 (Ultra-Extreme)
Intensity: 3.89 (Medium)
Nausea: 2.39 (Low)
Max Speed: 51.64 MPH
Average Speed: 17.69 MPH
Ride Time: 1.01 Minutes
Ride Length: 1586.24 Feet
Max. Positive Vertical G's: 4.20 g
Max. Negative Vertical G's: -0.85 g
Max. Lateral G's: 1.44 g
Total 'air' Time: 0.09 Sec.
Drops: 6
Highest Drop: 97.09 Feet
Number of Inversions: 2

Section Tracks
Type Arrow Dynamics Corkscrew Coaster
File Size 3.76 MB
Date Uploaded Oct 15, 2016




Looks cool.


Park cleanup is a good tool. It looks inside the dat file and provides a list of all the cs required.


Thanks Bazhsw!