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The mantis is a cunning and nimble warrior, but has also been known to dance. The Waltz of the Mantis is a legendary coaster colosseum ripe to be cultivated.

Converted from Fred-104's "Choatian Age" out of the Fred's Insanity Part 1 pack, The Waltz of the Mantis is a massive blank canvas for building out the megapark of your dreams.

The region is divided into a grid of nine large squares for an efficient pathing system. I'd encourage you to remove some paths to start with a smaller park, then expand into the other squares once crowdedness becomes a concern. Be careful though! The large crevasses scattered throughout the park will cause issues when building tall coasters.

The goal of the scenario: Pay off your loan and achieve a park value of 2,000,000.

This is a MARATHON, not a sprint. The park value goal is extremely high, and will require scalable expansion and long-term strategy.

Pay to enter park / Pay per ride
Initial Cash: 10,000
Initial Loan: 15,000
Max Loan: 200,000
Loan Interest: 6%

Average Cash Per Guest: 120
Guest Initial Happiness: 80%
Guest Initial Thirst: 30%
Guest Initial Hunger: 30%

Climate: Warm

Section Scenarios
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Date Uploaded May 16, 2023
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Fred 104 4276

Ooooh I love this.