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The Wave: Extended Coaster
Excitement 7.71
Intensity 6.89
Nausea 3.43

Max Speed 61.20
Avg Speed 26.49
ride time 1:22
ride Length 3203.21

Max+ Vert 5.75
Max- Vert -1.27
Max Lat 2.26

total Airtime 0:11
Drops 14
Highest Drop 124.21 ft
# of inversions 6

Section Tracks
Type Extended Coaster
File Size 76.54 KB
Date Uploaded Apr 22, 2013




Congratulations on the win! Gotta download... :-)


Congratulations man!!!! You did a great job!!!!!! Can you please mention the cs list??????


please cs list


Hay! Excuse me for the (in your eyes probebly) stupid question. What is "cs"and why do you wanna know?
I'm a newbee over here...


Supports: Jcat SteelWorx
Catwalks: ATH Catwalks And Coaster Goodies
Footers: I dont know
Station: No CS Needed

Btw Nice Coaster <33


Congrats dude!


@Trinnity: CS stands for custom scenery. Custom scenery is basically user built scenery such as buildings, rides, ride elements and even plants and trees. Most users make CS in order to add realistic touches to the game.

In fact there's a downloads section dedicated to CS on this very site and many users who regularly use CS have links to other sites that might have what you're looking for and/or need.

If a ride is saved and uploaded with CS attached you will need to download all the CS attached to the ride and install it on your game or the ride won't load up. Hope that helps.


I'm sorry my bad... I didn't do a cs list...cause half the time I don't remember what I put on the coaster
@evilthecat6600 is correct most of the "cs" Custom scenery I use i got from here, and.... @SenturyFox is correct, the footers I believe ar Daz Metez or Das Metes Random stuff, I can't remember how to spell it, but the footers are in there...


Congrats on the win! Gonna download now. :D