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PARK POV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d3FJooLCMYI
Candyland has 10 major areas
1. Heartlands: Home to the UNICORN Merry-Go-Round' during construction just after the horses were installed 3 Unicorns appeared.
The first was heard to say "NO HORNS..Hmm", the second said "OH NO; NO BEARDS !!" the third remarked " perhaps we should study this"
and every since they arrive at opening and depart at closing.
1a.Rainbow Pass: save time and take a rest too!But seriously what color do we paint the restroom walls?
2. Ice Cream Floats: Take a Raft or a Swan Boat out for a look :)
2a.Candyland Pool : Featuring a sunbathing area ,a wave action pool ,and plenty of sun and fun.
3. Peppermint Forest : The Friends of CandyLand do a great job here growing Cane Nut Bushes that provide the Cane Nuts for Candy Cane Trees.
Those nuts are sorted and readied for planting as the Candy Cane Tree Ripens all the liquid is drawn down to the base and roots and eventually the tree falls.
They are collected and transported on the Candy Cane Express.
4. Plumtree Forest: The kind folk over at Hershey allowed us to build a tower here so you can see the whole land and when you get done stop at the
4a.Plumtree Market : Home to the freshest fruits and vegetables you'll ever taste have a snack or 2 :)
5. Gumdrop Mountains: 2 lg Sugarcano's provide a nearly continious supply of gumdrops for the friends to collect; Home of the "GUMDROP"
5a.Gumdrop Pass: a short cut but you'll miss out on the GumDrop
6. Lollipop Forest: some exciting vista's await you on the LOLLIPOP Forest BALLOON
6a.Bird Pond
7.Mollasses Swamp: end of the rainbow and home to the Pot of Gold Slide.
7a Granny Nut's: stop by Granny's Crooked Peanut Brittle House and try a piece or 2;but don't let granny catch you!!
8. HOME/START: The beginning and end to your travels in CandyLand
8a.Food Court : Burger King has provided the food court staff and cooking areas
8b.Gift Shop : upstairs and we have everything you need there.
9. PlayLand: an area for birthday party goers to enjoy before or after the party.
9a.Birthday Area : BBQ and root beers and entertainment by the friends of Candyland HAPPY BIRTHDAY:)
9b.Giant Slides: crafted exclusively for candyland by noted artist "Leo Vanzinkis" Racing Slides
9c.Giant Wheels : Fortune and Luck can be yours with a ride on the wheels
10. The Dunes : an area left undeveloped of natural sand dunes
GREAT ONE comments: lol take a shot at the park inspector or watch the Dancing Tigers show or stroll along the shore.
I think you'll find something to like:)
Track Stats.....The Way Home
Intensity :9.21VH
Nausea :6.41H
POV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w6q4qpq77Jg

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