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The last village in the wild west. Most of it has been damaged and lost forever, but the parts that are still with us are some Lasso performing tricks, some gun shoot outs and a coaster. This coaster contains no big drops but lots of twists and turns. Perfect for all the family. But watch out for the sheriff. He is hiding shooting all criminals and people who ride the coaster, this is because it has been abandoned since 1763 and he doesn't like strangers walking on and taking a ride on the coaster. But here are the coasters ratings.

E: 3.02 (Medium)
I: 2.45 (Low)
N: 2.31 (Low)

Have fun riding the village's coaster and ENJOY!!

(No CS. Only in game scenery)

Section Tracks
Type Roller Coaster
File Size 1.2 MB
Date Uploaded Mar 25, 2012
Liked by RedRain, RedRain, SamDogy