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One day in the recent past, the owner of Electric Fields Farm decided he was fed up with toiling in his fields and working the Earth. Rather than retiring to Florida like most sensible farmers do nowadays, he decided to convert the entire farm into a theme park. Fortunately for him, he had saved up a rather large sum of money via government subsidies that were paid to him to not grow food. Initially the park wasn't a success, no one wanted to go to a theme park on renovated farmland. Eventually with the construction of The Woodsman people started to take notice of the quaint little park. Over time people of all ages began to flock in droves to ride The Woodsman - which is somewhat shocking considering it's a junior coaster intended for young children and their parents.

Regardless, we from Electric Fields hope you enjoy your stay - however brief - and enjoy your ride on The Woodsman.

Ratings: See screenshots.

Section Tracks
Type Junior Roller Coaster
File Size 523.18 KB
Date Uploaded Apr 9, 2017




A fun and cute little ride! I like this quite a bit.


Cool idea