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The ultimate theme park thrill adventure with 13 roller, coaster, 10 thrill rides, 3 gentle rides and a log flume.

It's roller coasters are a 488 feet polo coaster, looping inverted coaster, launched winged coaster, RMC, 456 & 120 mph launch coaster, giga coaster at 312 feet & 92 mph, junior coaster, wild mouse coaster, racing twin suspended swinging coaster, floor-less coaster and a wooden coaster.

It has a swing rides, drop towers and spinning rides. Has a car ride and a observation tower the height of the polo coaster.

Have fun running your dream park!

1. Altitude Thrill (488 feet polo coaster)
2. Clash of Titans (Looping inverted coaster)
3. Cloud Runner (Launched wing coaster)
4. Firestorm (RMC)
5. Incendiary (456 feet, 120 mph top hat launch coaster)
6. Invincible Dipper (Giga coaster 312 feet, 92 mph)
7. Manic Mouse Spin (Wild mouse)
8. Treasure Guardian (Junior coaster)
9. Volcanic Diver (Dive coaster with inversions)
10. Volcano Steel (Suspended Swinging Twin Track)
11. Volcano Steel 2 (Suspended Swinging Twin Track)
12. Warewolf Loops (Floorless coaster with eleven inversions)
13. Wooden Dipper

14. Bumpin Derby (Dodgems)
15. Centrum
16. Collider (Enterprise)
17. Forge
18. Hammer Swing
19. Hurricane
20. Kick Flip
21. Overpower (Top-Spin)
22. Roto-Drop
23. Sun Flare
24. Sundial

25. Luna Autos (Car ride)
26. Sky Watcher (Observation Tower)
27. Venetian Carousel

28. Log Flume

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Date Uploaded Apr 18, 2020


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Dang! Man can you build! As a theme park critic I don’t say things like that often but your theme parks are hands down the best I’ve ever seen as opposed to real ones.