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Hey peeps you need the Wacky Worlds and Time Twister expansion pack to play,

Okay most of you might know that Three Horns Divide is from Borderlands 2, Well this is a remake and remember this is my First Scenario so it’s not perfect.

And this is Before Sanctuary is in the air, The Crimson Raiders ( Roland, Lilith ) have hired you to build a theme park outside of Sanctuary to attract more guest to Sanctuary since most people on Pandora don’t think the world is safe. You have until October year 4 to gather 1,200 Guest which is when Sanctuary is Attacked And it’s when Lilith Phases the City to The Highlands

Enjoy Peeps will try to make more Borderlands 2 Maps later

There is also a bug that a guest is somereason just floating outside of the map but he’s outside of the park so you should be okay but if this gives you any problems let me know

Section Scenarios
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Date Uploaded Mar 7, 2019