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The ultimate beach side resort theme park with a pier. The park has 19 roller coasters, 11 flat rides and 2 water rides.

The parks roller coasters include a spinning coaster, top hat launched coaster, wooden coaster, a floorless inverting coaster inspired by Incredible Hulk at Islands of Adventure, a Jurassic themed recreation of newly opened Velocicoaster also at Islands of Adventure, two RMCs, a wooden coaster inverting with RMC trains, a 200 feet hyper coaster, mega-lite giga coaster, roman themed side friction coaster, a looping shuttle coaster, another non-looping shuttle coaster round the pier, flying coaster, xtreme spinning coaster, winger coaster and a recreation of the big wooden coaster at Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach. Also, it has a junior wooden coaster and a caterpillar on the beach.

It has flat rides including a non-functioning in planet coaster, sky swing and sling shot designed with entrances like other rides. It has 9 other flat rides then also a log flume and river rapids. It also Minecraft theming and a playground on the pier. It has a high street of buildings by beach.

Has ride signs, health and safety signs, height limit posts, ride cameras, baggage bins and height limit posts on all the rides for realism.

1. American Chase (Spinning coaster), 1.2m
2. Amity Top Thrill (269 feet, 93 mph), 1.4m
3. Dekuman (Wooden coaster), 1.2m
4. Hex (Floorless inverting coaster), 1.4m
5. Inversion Fury (Inverting wooden coaster with RMC trains), 1.2m
6. Iron Fury (RMC), 1.3m
7. Joker (RMC), 1.4m
8. Jurassic Vengeance (Launched Toque), 1.3m
9. Magnum Big One (210 feet hyper coaster), 1.3m
10. Mega-Lite (Mega-lite giga roller coaster), 1.2m
11. Roman Racers (Side friction coaster), 1m
12. Shuttle Round Pier (Shuttle coaster), 1.2m
13. Speedway 500 (Shuttle looping coaster), 1.4m
14. Tatsu (Flying coaster), 1.4m
15. Wacky Wood (Junior wooden coaster), 1.1m
16. Wacky Worm (Junior coaster), 0.9m
17. Wild West Spinner (Extreme spinning coaster), 1.4m
18. Wooden Roller Coaster, 1m
19. X-Flight (Winged coaster), 1.4m

Thrill Flat Rides
20. 360 Power, 1.4m
21. Chair-O-Plane, 1m
22. Enterprise, 0.9m
23. Hammer Swing, 1.3m
24. Hyperjump (Drop tower), 1.2m
25. Rocktopus, 0.9m
26. Sky Swing, 1.1m
27. Sling Shot, 1.4m
28. Top Spin, 1.4m

Junior Flat Rides
29. Bumpin Derby (Dodgems), 0.9m, 1.4m to drive
30. Carousel, Any height and 1.2m for horse
31. Venetian Carousel, Any height and 1.2m for horse

Water Rides
32. Chopper’s Creek (Log flume), 1.1m under 1.4m with adult
33. Rolling Romans (River rapids) 0.9m under 1.4m with adult

*(Sky Swing and Sling Shot not function rides in planet coaster)

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Date Uploaded May 8, 2021