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A completed theme park on a island with 15 roller-coasters, 8 flat rides and 2 water rides. It's roller-coasters are a floorless coaster, three junior coasters, two wooden coasters, x-dimension coaster, mine train, top hat coaster, 108 mph inverting coaster, stand up coaster, wing coaster, RMC and inverted coaster. It has eight flat rides including a terror of tower. It's water rides a 200 feet water coaster and indoor log flume.

1. Bizarro (Floorless coaster, 7 inversions) 1.4m
2. Flying Ghosted (Junior coaster) 0.9m under 1.4m with adult
3. G-Force 1.4m
4. Gnarler Dipper (Wooden coaster) 1.2m
5. Hydro Flips (X-Dimension) 1.4m
6. MOSKITO (Junior Inverted) 0.9m under 1.4m with adult
7. Running Away (Mine Train) 1.1m
8. Stealth (277 feet, 93 mph) 1.4m
9. Surge (108 mph, inverting coaster) 1.4m
10. The Dragon (Junior coaster) 0.9m under 1.4m with adult
11. Shockwave Inferno (Stand up coaster) 1.4m
12. The Swarm (Wing coaster) 1.4m
13. Thuderbolt (RMC) 1.32m
14. Volcanic Invert (Invert with 8 inversions) 1.4m
15. Wicker Altitude (172, 62 mph wooden coaster) 1.2m

Thrill Flat Rides
16. Forge 1.4m
17. Rising Raptor 1.1m
18. Sun Flare 1.22m
19. Sundial 1.4m
20. The Cube 1.4m
21. Torre do Terror (Tower of terror) 1m

Gentle Flat Rides
22. Ghost Train 0.9m under 1.4m with adult
23. Grand Carousel Any height, 1.2m for horse
24. Sky Temple Any height

Water Rides
25. Big One Cascade (Over 200 feet, 72 mph water coaster) 1.3m
26. Tortuga (Indoor log flume) 1.1m under 1.4m with adult

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Date Uploaded Oct 8, 2020
Liked by Zio Creations