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I've recently enjoyed a day at Blackpool Pleasure Beach in England. My favorite of the classic roller coasters turned out to be Grand National, the wooden racing roller coaster built in 1935, named after England's most important annual horse race.

Inspired by this coaster I made something similar in RCT2, yet with a totally different and more compact layout: Timber Toppers.

"Timber Topper" refers to a steeplechase horse. (More properly a horse jumping over timber fences.)

Just as is the case with BPB's Grand National I placed signs above several points of the track with terms that refer to horse racing. "Shake it up" and "whip-n-dip" refer to the urging of the jockey to make the horse run faster. "Stretch" announces the final portion of the track to the finish. After the finish a "cool out" of the horse is advised.

The two trains race nicely together throughout the ride and the fact that it's not always sure who wins makes it great fun to watch.

Fancy a flutter? Enjoy Timber Toppers.

VIDEO: https://youtu.be/bD6ddgCk2fs
Ratings: very high, very high, high. See final screenshots for all stats.

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Type wooden roller coaster
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Date Uploaded Aug 23, 2016




great work, you made so many awesome coasters, thanks a lot!!


Thanks 19_09!