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This download requires the following:
- OpenRCT2 v0.4.3 or later
- RCT Deluxe linked to OpenRCT2 (needed for the RCT1 assets)
- Both RCT2 expansions

The following is an updated version of the Time Twister Redux scenario pack, now with the following changes/additions:
- Alpine Coaster
- More new official scenery objects
- Balancing fixes to the scenarios (changes in initial cash, climate, or scenario objectives)

For the complete list of scenarios included in this pack, please check: https://rctgo.com/downloads/view/time-twister-redux-september-2022-update.22033 (NOTE: links to an older version of the pack!)

Section Scenarios
File Size 3.14 MB
Date Uploaded Dec 15, 2022
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