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Excitement - 5.16 (High)
Intensity - 6.37 (High)
Nausea - 4.68 (Medium)

Max Speed - 48mph (77kmh)
Average Speed - 14mph (22kmh)
Ride Time - 1:12
Length - 1991ft (606m)
Max. Positive Vertical Gs: 2.92g
Max. Negative Vertical Gs: -0.61g
Max. Lateral Gs: 2.06g
Airtime - 1.92sec.
Drops - 8
Highest Drop Height - 72ft (21m)

*Note: Since the ride type is not in RCT2 by default, nor is it in RCTgo, you'll need to download the Maurer Söhne Spinning Coaster from here: http://www.sscoasters.net/forum/topic/15639-my-rct2-custom-rides/

Section Tracks
Type Maurer Söhne Spinning Coaster
File Size 673 bytes
Date Uploaded Jan 24, 2019
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