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The Wild Mouse is a fun coaster. You can build it in extremely small spaces with great results. Unlike the hairpin coaster, it does not give you bad stats once you finish it. It is easy to control. This is one such model. I have three sizes of this model and this is the smallest one.
Ride time : 45s
Excitement : 5.6
Intensity : 6.2
Nausea : ~3
This costs 2k with the decorations and it never gets old for the visitors. 4x4 including the queuing areas and chairs are included to further reduce nausea. You can place this literally anywhere in the park and the height is perfect. You can use it in parks where there is a height restriction also

Section Tracks
Type Wild Mouse Roller Coaster
File Size 1.31 KB
Date Uploaded Nov 12, 2020