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The moorland is yours to build a theme park on. However, the local farmer has put his farm and land up for sale at a really good price. With the profit from your theme park, consider expanding out onto the farmland that spreads right to the edge of town. Achieve a park value of at least £265,000 at the end of October year 4.

Section Scenarios
File Size 2.45 MB
Date Uploaded Jun 12, 2020




nice use of expansion objects!


Thanx guys. :)


Wonderful landscape!! But, I seem to be having some issues with guest generation. Potential guests are getting trapped in the "town" part of the map, with no way to enter the park. I have hundreds of them in there right now, just wandering around looking sad. Tried to purchase the land that connects to the paths, but that didn't work. I'm thinking maybe there is an extra spawn point that shouldn't be there, or maybe a missing entrance in the back of the park? Otherwise, this map is really beautiful!!