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Romania. An Eastern European Country with a diverse cultural heritage from multiple historical backgrounds, it is a near magical landscape, with some of the best preserved castles in the world. The Eastern region of the country, known as Transylvania, is the setting for the timeless "Dracula." Come now, and experience a part of the old country, walking amongst the backdrop of an amazing country, taking in its rich tastes and festivities. It is my pleasure to present: Transylvania Nights.

This park blows all of my previous work out of the water, and is the most intricate and immersive park, I've ever built, either in RCT2 or RCT3. With a total of four roller coasters, a nighttime firework display, and detailed theming. The park always will have more secrets to it the longer one looks. I hope you all enjoy this, what is my current flagship park, all else considered.

Section Parks
File Size 4.95 MB
Date Uploaded Oct 1, 2018


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Simply amazing ! Seems one of the best I've found here... I'll explore it in full detail.. Well done!