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updated save of my first, and so far, only upload. as of tonight i added another coaster, the eliminator, which is a spin off both in name and roughly in design, to kings dominion's floorless coaster, Dominator. i caught inapiration as kings dominion is right down the road from me. park is now 4 coasters away from reaching park goal, rating is pegged at 999, and attendance is around 2600. ive got another park ive started, but itll be a long work in progress as i always end up back working on this one, lol. As always, enjoy.

Section Parks
File Size 1.28 MB
Date Uploaded Sep 5, 2017




How do you download this to RCT Classic? Is there a specific folder in my phone I can download this to? It's a beautiful park as always.


unfortunately I don't have an answer to that. It should be an sv.6 file which on a computer would open rct directly upon double clicking. I know nothing about anything regarding the phone apps.