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Hello! I know I just built a new coaster a few days ago on Trinity Islands!
But my sister was on my computer watching my trinity islands park and saw the triple dueling hyper coaster one of the tracks got stuck somehow with full guests told me and don't know what happened!
Well my sister helped me rebuild this just a tiny little each track and everything turned out okay!
Since this park isn't arctic themed just islandish! We both renamed each of the triple hyper coasters into reptile like! Alligator, Crocodile, Vs Caiman three reptiles swimming battling each other now much better coaster now along with a new looping coaster track no inversion though a intamin or zierer posed shuttle lunch coaster as the long snout Gharial's Snout!

Enjoy once again newer Trinity Islands!

Section Parks
File Size 2.42 MB
Date Uploaded Sep 15, 2023