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A smooth coaster that brings you trough a Tropical Island. B&M Make a new direction to add an inversion. People loves this coaster. It had a nice lay-out and scenery. You'll obviously love it

cs needed
- Shy Mainstreet 1
-Coaster Joe's B&m CONNECTORS
-Pathway extension v1.1 (Coasterjoe)
-Cpsisco's B&M Footers
-Spice's trees or other tree set
-Moby's steel jungle
-Grp b&m Catwalks
-Xitics Road Cafe
-Maybe Dasmatze's Office day
cfr drop tower
Ctr: B&m Twister Sitdown

Section Tracks
Type B&M Sitdown
File Size 5.29 MB
Date Uploaded Jul 6, 2014