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this time no Re-Creation, i know what a suprise, but believe it, its true ;).
I'm proud, to show you an "Dueling-Coaster" Project, that were based on an project from "MBcoaster", he is/was creating an Dueling Coaster with tropical theming and he wanted some feedback. After look to his pics and the short trailer on youtube, i thought that this project has so much potential. So i started to create an RCT-1 Version of this, with my suggestions about it and some of my personal style!

It was an "speed build", so pls forgive me if it looks not perfect in your eyes!:p
The Main aspect was, to show "MBcoaster" what would be possible if he changes something on his Creation, because its really easy to say, do it better/change this, but its totally different when you build it by yourself.

Short-Infos about it:

Kolibri: B&M Inverter (orange Track - lightgreen Rails - darkgreen/green Trains)
Flamingo: B&M Floorless (darkgreen Track - yellow Rails - pink/white Trains)

The Trains should have the look after there Namings, tropical birds ;)
Supports have three different colors, base color -> dirty brown, cliff parts -> grey, over water parts -> mid brown (for an wet look)

And yeah, what would an Dueling-Coaster without "Near-Collisions"? Nothing, exactly!
We have two/three of it. The third Collision is more an "Look at Eachother" ;)
Additional, every Coaster has an unique special part:

Kolibri special -> "over the sea", with a little breeze of wind your feet getting wet :)
Flamingo special -> "cliffhanger", have a nice look over the sea or look down the sharp cliff :)

I hope you enjoy and like my "Tropical-Dueling Birds", Feedback would be nice ;).


Kolibri (B&M Inverter):
Excitement: 8.30 (very high)
Intensity: 8.89 (very high)
Nausea: 6.99 (high)

Flamingo (B&M Floorless):
Excitement: 8.23 (very high)
Intensity: 8.44 (very high)
Nausea: 4.34 (medium)

The last four Screens are "Without-Scenary", for an better look to the Track-Layout.
Importent-Note: All my Creations are build without any Trainers and/or Hacks!

Have Fun with it! ;)

Lg Cheleste

Credits going to "MBcoaster"

Section Tracks
Type Inverted Coaster & Twister Coaster with Floorless Trains
File Size 2.74 MB
Date Uploaded Feb 15, 2014




@NCS ravens:
you are an genius, really! Do you know that this is RCT-1 and your upload is RCT3?
RCT1 has "NO" CSO's and you cant stack objects on each other, so its much harder to create nice looking buildings without any "hacks".
So its normal that the buildings in RCT-1 looking basic sometimes ;)
Besides of that, this coaster was not be made to beeing great, it was only an helping "speedbuild" for someone here that he knows better that i meant in his thread, about tropical feeling.

But, thx for the Feedback :), i can life with it and i know that this station is not an masterpiece :p

Lg Cheleste


Can you use these coasters in RCT3?
I don't have the ability to critique like you Cheleste - That's a talent in itself.
So all I can say is great work. I hope you won't be annoyed by that. :)


feel free to give your feedback (postive/negative), thats not really a talent,
it's nothing more than wrote everything you thought about other ones work.
Wrote what you like/dislike and with some knowledge about coasters you can give more specific feedback. :)

Well, i could try to convert/rebuild these with RCT-3, but normally this was only an suggestion for "MBcoaster" infact that he uses "not" tropical colors on his dual coaster project.
And sometimes people can understand it better if they see pictures about what you mean.
That's why i build these with an speedbuild, a reason why it's not perfect/good.
The station looks basic, the foliage looks to weird, and the island itself could have more smaller islands beside, and soem other little things they could be better. ;)

But i can try it with RCT-3.
(the idea/inspiration is still from "MBcoaster", not from myself)

Lg Cheleste