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Enjoy the sun and sand at this beautiful tropical beach. You will be able to make a huge profit off of the wealthy guests that come to this park.

Achieve a monthly income from ride tickets of at least 20,000.

Note: Requires content from the Time Twister expansion pack as well as the custom content included in the scenario file.


Section Scenarios
File Size 3.64 MB
Date Uploaded Nov 18, 2021




I am loving this scenario, Rocky! This is a great challenge that lets you take your time and really use all the space on the map. Here is my save, 3000 guests, year 10, no coasters!



Glad you enjoyed it! I'll check out your save.


This looks beautiful! Where do I find the custom content needed for this scenario? I would love to play this.


The custom content is loaded in with the scenario file, starting the scenario will give you the custom content. And you can then use it anywhere else as well.