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This is the final result of my RCT1 serie premiere Build the Mega Park. I hope you like it! :D

Tropical Ramble is, as the name describes it, a roller coaster built in tropics. It uses ONE single track for all supports, except for the catwalks of the chain lift and the first block brake section, which use in total 4 tracks. For the folliage, I used trees, bushes and flowers from the jungle theme.

This roller coaster also comes with a small village that contains a few small rides, the biggest one is the vintage cars in the big yellow house. I tried to replicate the Hawaiian style, but with my personal touch, a BIG touch. However, it is difficult to theme this section very well because of all the limits of the game, fortunately I'm proud of the final result.

Link of the finale of Build the Mega Park serie premiere: https://youtu.be/OoHhlzFw7aw
Link of Build the Mega Park serie: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4IZq7fxXgMrSrrT1eLqQAAJjzJfivF7P

Workbench used: bottom of the web page at the following link

See final screenshot for statistiques.

Section Tracks
Type Twister Roller Coaster
File Size 146.61 KB
Date Uploaded Jun 11, 2016





This is by far the BEST RCT1 coaster I've ever seen!

It's definitely getting a spot on the featured list!!!

Keep it up, Supra!!

Skylander Katfish

This coaster is amazing!! Especially if it's an rct1 coaster!! rct1 was pretty picky with scenery. So keep it up the great work!!


Hey, that's pretty good!