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!!!! Important message !!!!!
This creation is a planet coaster creation. Which means I made this in planet coaster and it is only available in planet coaster not in RCT3. I uploaded this here for those who have a planet coaster. This creation is linked to my steam workshop profile via Rctgo.

Another important thing to know !!!
is that under the icon (download at steamworkshop) it is with small text (games required rct world) This creation is only available for planet coaster. When I had to change the description I could not select the planet coaster in (Games required) So I had to take rct world in (Games required) to save this.

It is not easy to see the small text below the download icon (games required) But if you remember to see it, you easily know which games are required for the item / creation.


I created this tropical inspired store a few days ago. As you can see in the picture, there is a shop in the middle and I placed two toilets on either side of the building. I made it with the idea that it should be easy to make a path to the shop and the toilets and link them together.

hope you like it. I have also made a video of the creation. The video is now available on my channel.

link to the video.

Section Custom Scenery
Date Uploaded Jan 8, 2021