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This is an entry I did for a fun, casual Survivor contest, which consist of eliminating an entry each turn by voting for the weakest one until there is one entry remaining.

For this one, I decided to set it in a tropical jungle, with giant trees, a river, a screaming swing, a swinger and many wooden buildings. The coaster I made is a suspended swinging coaster, which goes around the three giant trees that I built.

This was built without any custom scenery objects (NCSO) except the black tiles, the custom paths, the custom rides and the support blockers.

See final screenshot for statistiques.

This park is built in OpenRCT2, but is compatible with vanilla RCT2. I haven't tried to open it with RCT Classic.

Let's have a great round 270!

Section Tracks
Type Suspended Swinging Coaster (Suspended Swinging Cars)
File Size 1.46 MB
Date Uploaded Jul 29, 2017




Also insta-feature.

Skylander Katfish

I love the idea. Nobody uses suspended swinging coasters in realism anymore.


Probs a noob question, but how do you get a screenshot of just that segment of your park? Is that an RCT2 only option?

Terry Inferno

Black tiles (a custom scenery object) are used to black out the areas of the map that are not used in the environment. This is why you see guests that appear to be "floating" in midair within the black space.


is all of your rides/attractions are all custom made? if it is custom made, can you post it in download page? thanks


Is this for RCT3 because the screenshot isn't RCT3 its RCT2 or something else. If its RCT3, how do you put this in the game?