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DOWNLOAD THIS VERSION. Old one had the guest spawn point screwed up.

The third part in my scenario series. You own the land on two sides of a river and have the option to buy construction rights for a bridge connecting the two.

The bridge design is inspired by this bridge: https://www.visithendrickscounty.com/blog/post/the-legend-of-the-avon-haunted-bridge-6286/. I used the custom scenery pack "Spanish Mission Stucco and Clay" hoping it looks like poured cement. Big thanks to MidwestBoyInLA for creating this custom scenery pack.

Here's the height map I used if you want to check it out for yourself: https://i.gyazo.com/559e38ac2779c54c277333e9b10f03a7.png

Stay tuned for more!

Section Scenarios
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Date Uploaded Feb 10, 2020
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There's a bug. Guests won't enter the bridge (because of not owned park land). Please fix :/