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I had to do a design where I 'branch' out and I say I definitely achieved it with this one. It's fluid, it's diverse and it's a cute color. I'm a huge fan of large loops, this one has two of them. I just noticed that one side slightly mirrors the other. That was not premeditated but pretty cool nonetheless!

This rides pretty smooth and with ease. The drops aren't too steep and the raises aren't too overwhelming. And the ride fits in any area of your park, whether it's a corner or the middle. Also, you can still build near it since it doesn't sacrifice much of the low altitude space.

Excitement: 5.95 (High)
Intensity: 10.82 (Extreme)
Nauseas: 8.62 (Very High)

I hate seeing the red at any place in the rating but I wasn't willing to alter this ride any further because it looks so pretty.


Section Tracks
Type Inverted Roller Coaster
File Size 550 bytes
Date Uploaded Jul 14, 2022