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A remake of the Air Powered Vertical Coaster prebuilt Twin Thunder from RCT3. The zip file has two versions of the track: one with an on-ride photo section (which will only work in OpenRCT2) and another without the on-ride photo section (which should work in RCT2 vanilla and RCT Classic). The launch speed and waiting times are the same as in RCT3 (any load, minimum 10 seconds, maximum 125 seconds), but the brake run has significantly less brakes due to RCT2 brakes being stronger than RCT3 brakes. Additionally, the train is shorter as it only has 8 cars per train instead of 10 like in RCT3.

[Design information]
Excitement rating: 8.28 (Very high)
Intensity rating: 9.50 (Very high)
Nausea rating: 7.20 (High)
Base ride value: 103 (can charge max price for this ride for up to 5 in-game years!)
Max. speed: 88 mph (142 km/h)
Average speed: 42 mph (68 km/h)
Ride time: 18 secs
Ride length: 1,492 ft (455 m)
Max. positive vertical Gs: 4.07 g
Max. negative vertical Gs: -3.60 g
Max. lateral Gs: 1.97 g
Drops: 2
Highest drop height: 121 ft (37 m)
Space required: 39 × 7 blocks
Cost to build: 9,578 (9,378 without on-ride photo section)

Section Tracks
Type Air Powered Vertical Coaster
File Size 535 bytes
Date Uploaded Apr 27, 2021