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Hello Rctgo and to anybody on here! Just a one small but big great surprise here! I have a for a while now my very last rct2 park I will ever get to build that I have finally thought of completed! Which is Tycoon Park from RCT Classic a Bonus Scenario after completing 95 scenarios! So this is the file from Stu Youtube in the youtube video description where I clicked downloaded from as a sv6 file then I opened it with the recent development of openrct2 that I was only able to open it on without it crashing on me with the previous openrct2 versions for some reasons!
I have did some more detailing on it converted it to a openrct2 park save file now which you will need the latest development or newest development of openrct2 for this as in the object selection, I added most regular rct1/2 rides and scenery and fixed the scenery question mark in the scenery menu during gameplay which I don't mind the question mark with other scenery not with its group and all but thought I would add the other scenery that I was missing from! I thought of this park like Rust Germany's Europa Park like some, then a little of Walt Disney World! My sister got on this too repainted some rides, redesigned them a bit like some with longer brake stations before the a boarding stations, built a few new rides, the saw mill reverser coaster, somehow crashed on us a few times where the close ending is depending on weight guests I know can slow the cars down weather you notice them or later, as I had to add a piece of chain lift on the near last hill before the reverse element that I had no problem with this ride since then but do leave a comment if any of you notice anything! One good thing but crazy is we added many underground paths so guests could find their way in any way they want to go, and with so many handymen, mechanics, security guards and entertainers into one whole place everywhere in the park, it made the park rating go all the way to 999 which I sometimes don't expect some parks ratings to go or stay at 999 but its so cool to me that way! I renewed the rides, typed in the park description some which you can find on rct fandom tycoon park, reseted the park with the same objective Have Fun!

Well for maybe a month or two this will definitely be my very last rct1/2 park I will ever get to do with me going through sorts of problems issues life ongoing not having much free time to do anything I used to before!

My most favorite parts of this park is the garden flower area with the diddly dipper, the skull mountain with the elevator, two coasters built inside, and the snow mountain top with the Twistersoritis, which is why I said this park is like Europa Park!

Location for Tycoon Park is Winter Park Colorado enjoy becoming a tycooner!

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Date Uploaded Jan 31, 2024
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OMG THANK YOU. I wanted to see this park for so long!!!


Plantmeneer you're very welcome thank you too!