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This file contains a whole park, which I called "Mega Park". This coaster, typhoon, was my first coaster I made in the park and in my opinion the best. The coaster features two launches, the first is in an indoor section, and the second blasts riders to the rest of the ride. Enjoy multiple inversions and an underground section around a small forest. It does have a light theme; it is themed to a, well, typhoon due to the fact that there are many twisted elements. Enjoy the park, and this fantastic roller coaster!

I am excited to see what you think of this coaster. It is my very first RCT2 roller coaster I uploaded to Build It!.

Let's have a great round!

Section Tracks
Type Twister Roller Coaster
File Size 1.07 MB
Date Uploaded Jul 23, 2016
Liked by BlazingEmpireHD