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Howdy, folks! This here town ain't got much in the way o' things in it, but it sure done got a purty historical event behind it. Some fifty years ago, it was a lawless hellscape dominated by the squaredance callin' bandit known as Outlaw Ned, and ain't no man west of the Pecos could win a gunfight with him.

Then one day, sumtin happened that changed the town forever - a big, green beast with sharp teeth and claws came chargin' towards the town. Y'all might be able t'get an idea of how big it was by lookin' at the footieprints it left all over the desert. How it got here nobody knew (we assume the old bomb factory on the other side o' the dunes ain't just bein' used fer bombs nowadays, but we ain't goin' over to find out anytime soon). Most o' the folks here ran away when they saw it comin' near, but Outlaw Ned, who ain't one t'pass up a chance t'fight with someone, drew his pistol and ran straight towards it, where it promptly lowered its head and devoured him.

With Ned gone, the town was finally safe again, and in honor of the hero that saved us, we done put up a statue of it in the town square. Now, as fer this here giant brown wooden thing? Well, we fig're it came from that ol' factory too, but it keeps the cows from gettin' away, an' hell, it's fun anyway. So if y'all ever find yerself passin' by Middle-o'-Nowhere, Texas and lookin' fer a screamin' good time, jus' hop on board the Tyrannosaurus Tex.

Excitement: 8.65
Intensity: 9.26
Nausea: 5.37

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Type Tyrannosaurus Tex
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Date Uploaded Jun 8, 2017