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"The tip of the iceberg" contains all the 6 essential Forest Sets featuring autumn, tropical, conifer, pine, alpine pine and palm tree forest areas. For faster diversified forest placing!


Custom scenery required (for Pine, Alpine Pine and Palm Tree Forest Sets):

_ Old Spice's Pine Trees v1 ( http://www.putmeonthenet.net/content/old_spice/scenery2.html )
_ Old Spice's Palm Trees v2 ( http://www.putmeonthenet.net/content/old_spice/scenery2.html )

Special thanks to Old Spice!



5 autumn forest structures
+ 9 mangrove palm forest structures
+ 7 conifer forest structures
+ 6 pine forest structures (high quality)
+ 12 (6 less / 6 normal) snowy pine forest structures (high quality)
+ 8 palm tree forest structures (high quality)

= 47 structure files


Using Guide:

_ The higher the number, the larger the structure (0.5 = tiny ; 3 = large ; 5 = very large)
_ The expression in the brace shows the type (close, loose) *
_ Keep in mind that the most loose forest structures can be partly overlayed
_ Forest structures using "Old Spice's Woods" can be completely overlayed on each other and on (m)any other objects too

* For the Alpine Forest Set: The expression in the first brace shows the intensity of snow (snow1 = less snow ; snow2 = more snow).


Saving instruction:

The download file is a zip-folder called 'Ultimate Forest Pack (Rollercoaster-Fan)'.

1. Open the mentioned folder
2.1 Open the first Forest Set folder
2.2 Drag or copy the preferred dat-files in your documents/rct3/structures folder **
3. Repeat step 2 for the remaining Forest Sets
4. It's done! You can use them now.

** If you want to integrate every single structure, push 'Strg'+'A', then 'Strg'+'C', then go to the structures folder and press 'Strg'+'V'.


Loading instruction:

Load the structures as usual from the brown chest (scenery category).


Feedback: Please contact me if some information is missing.

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When uploading other ones Set's maybe you should add there original screenshots, also there descriptions. Better said, have you the permission of Old Spice to upload it here?
Or are the old links all broken down?
If not, there's no need to upload existing sets here if you aren't the original creator.
RCTgo rule breaking incoming.



I'm the creator of all these sets whereof three need custom scenery stuff (as I've already written above). So, why should I request permission even though I didn't upload Old Spices custom scenery (therefor are the links)? And the screenshot is an original one, it was taken by me personally (!).

As you can (respectively 'cannot') see, the links are listed in the description and do work well.

I find it inappropriate from you accusing me for no reason and obviously without having read the full download description before. By the way, I've been spending many hours in creating these sets.



I downloaded this set and it is a very nice and helpful set. It is clear to me that Rollercoaster-Fan created the structures of the forests using the custom scenery made by Old Spice (A Hint of Spice). As far as I can tell he did nothing wrong. A Hint of Spice's website forbids hot linking which I think he did not do as well based on what I can see. Unless I miss-understood what it is. In the file he did not download the custom scenery content items with it. Only the .dat files he created using Old Spice's custom scenery sets. Nice work on this Rollercoaster-Fan. :)


How do I install this?


bmcallum33, for install,download the pack, go to "computer", files, and "structures" and past it ! :)


I need help to find the old spice pine trees! The link you gave does not work! HELP PLEASE