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Park i started totally underground. Has four coasters intertwined together along with a monorail and a bunch of flat rides stacked atop each other. Make sure to ride the rides and the monorail with the terrain toggled both off and on. Kinda neat effect both ways. Well have fun and if you make changes i wanna see too. K Enjoy the Rides. :) oh pcture uploader not working so ill update the pics when it does.

Section Parks
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Date Uploaded Aug 18, 2009




Wow, that's Impressive. How long did it take you to create the park?


Sorry, file is corrupted. It says that when I try to open it.


not long like 3-4 hours.


How did you get your camera to go underground to take those screenshots?


i did the "Jonny Watts" thingy. change a peeps name to "jonny watts" and you walk around as them.


Cool park


Sorry, file is corrupted. It says that when I try to open it.


How did you create such big underground spaces? I know how to make a coaster track go underground but the space I get underground is limited to just enough width for the track. You obviously found a way to make the underground space much bigger and place whatever you like down there.

I'd love to know how please.


omg nice!


oh one thing to see trough the ground go to the eye glass thing and click the one that says terrain transperensy