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This is a recreation of Universal Studios with Halloween Horror Nights. Everything is done, feel free to add on, its all the Halloween Horror Nights years put together (Carnival of Carnage, Lady Luck, Zombie Gras). May be a bit slow, but it is awesome! Nuclear Fish Particles, Vodhin's Lightning Kit V2, USF Arch and Globe, turnstiles, crowd control, LCDs and Goodies Pack, Dark Ride elements, Screamworks, Frameworks.

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Date Uploaded Apr 29, 2013
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Just click the pictures and they will show up. The music I used for the areas of the park are my own playlist, I did not use music from Roller Coaster Tycoon 3. I used alot of custom scenery as well such as; Vodhin'a lights, USH Arch, Particle effects.


The bilboards I used are pictures from Google Images, mostly all the scarezones from HHN found in Google Images, as well as the HHN logos and promotions.


what cs is needed


You need RCT3 Soaked and Wild, Custom Bilboards, create your own Logo, USF Arch, Crowd Control, you need to add your own music, Nuclear Fish Particles, Vodhin's street lights.


I also used the Phantom Manor CS pack to get the tombstones and graveyard onto the pathways.


Wow, great recreation man! I downloaded your work. Once I'm done with my recreation, I'll let you know.


Every time I try to get on the park, the game crashes.


Thank you Six Flags! Jera, you must of done something wrong. The park is huge, I gotta warn you on that one. Right now im working on Howl O Scream at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay. :)


**Chucky in last screenshot**


I also used mostly Hans Zimmer for the music. and Tyler Bane for the intense "Modern Warfare 3" music.


Every time that I get on the game crashes


you need RCT3, RCT3 Soaked and RCT3 Wild. I am using RCT 3 Platinum


I have Platinum. How come it won't work.


custom scenery would probably be the main problem.


how do u get the light beams


Where in the description for my SeaWorld Orlando park did I say it was a recreation!? Exactly! I said "version" Please learn how to read properly.