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Originally named Impure Wasteland Dam, Uranium Dam is an expert scenario with the goal of repaying your loan and getting a park value of 975,000. It is based on Butterfly Dam from RCT1 Corkscrew Follies except that it has now been ruined due to a radioactive accident, causing all sorts of alien plants to grow all over the place and recoloring the water into an eye-burning acid green. The acid green water also causes the weather to be much cooler and wetter than normal and the park rating to be harder to increase and maintain. The guests are also harder to attract.

The Future, Space, and Martian themeings are mostly used here, but trees from the Creepy, Spooky, Jungle, Mythological, Prehistoric, etc. themeings are also used.

Section Scenarios
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Date Uploaded Jul 27, 2020
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