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Valleyfair opened in 1976 and is located in Shakopee, MN. It became the 2nd park in what is now known as Cedar Fair. In fact, the “Fair” from Cedar Fair is from this park. The park is known for Wild Thing which opened in 1996, and Renegade in 2007. The park contains Soak City water park which was debuted in 1983, with expansions in 1993, and 2015.

- No Ripcord in Route 76
- Planet Snoopy is a little tight
- Area around Monster and High Roller
- Wild Thing’s “figure 8”
- Excalibur’s design

---Needed items are in Readme---

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I was wondering if you could recreate Hersheypark since you've done Knoebels, Kennywood, and Dorney Park which are all of the other major amusement parks located in Pennsylvania.


Remember the Canada's Wonderland you made in 2013? Well you can make a 2018 version of the park with Wonder Mountain's Guardian (2014) The removal of SkyRider (2014) Typhoon (2015) Splash Station (2015) SlingShot (2015) Skyhawk (2016) Flying Eagles (2016) The removal of Body Blast and Pro Putt (2017) Muskoka Plunge (2017) Soaring Timbers (2017) Lumberjack (2018) Flying Canoes (2018) The removal of Launch Pad (2018) Yukon Striker (2019) Will you make one please. :)