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This is not only my first upload but its one of many modified built in scenarios making them Free play

Since 2004 when RCT3 was first released no one was able to make any of the Built in Scenarios into sandbox parks

But today, 14 years later, I present to you

Vanilla Hills: Free Build!!!

This map's full potential is finally being realized.

There are no money constraints and there is plenty of land to build on.

Note: while this will work without expansions or CS, the addition of CS and Soaked!+Wild! Will increase your options

Now you can build the Vanilla Hills park you've been dreaming of!!!

If this proves popular I'll make more built in scenarios as Free Build parks!

Have fun!!

Section Parks
File Size 302.16 KB
Date Uploaded Mar 10, 2018



Princess Anna Of Arendelle

Wow in the past 14 hours 7 downloads. I had a feeling this would be popular


I made all the built in Scenario's as free builds long time ago. All that is needed is to play them in Sandbox mode.

Princess Anna Of Arendelle

I think the main difference is I utilize all the available land instead of just the original map. Yours might be the original space