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Vanilla Hills is a beautiful theme park specifically themed to the rolly hills of Williamsburg. This park has 4 main roller coasters, (starting from oldest to newest) Thunderhead, a PTC Woodie Racer, Corkscrew, an Arrow Custom Looper, Forest Run, an Arrow Suspended Coaster, and MiniDiver, a Gerstlauer Eurofighter! There is also an additional water park, WaterWorld, added to the right of the park entrance. This park is still a work in progress with a new ride coming in 2019! (this park will be re uploaded)

Section Parks
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Date Uploaded Nov 25, 2018




Hey guys! Just saying, sorry for the double screenshot. :/


Do the Hopi Hari Park that is in Brazil please!


DznCamarao, I'll see what I can do ',:^)


DznCamarao, there is already a Hopi Hari park made.