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YouTube POV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sk1bgBIp4UQ

This roller coaster is a triple tracked dueling winged coaster, and you get to ride every track! Because of this, you travel over 11,000 feet of track, more than any other coaster. Enjoy the many near-miss elements as you wiz by the other trains, and four LSM launches. So, what are you waiting for? Be part of the velociraptor pack and ride this one of a kind ride!


- Most tracks on a dueling coaster(3)
-Longest roller coaster(over 11,000 feet)
(Some Records that are records but don't really count)
-Longest Winged Roller Coaster
-Longest Steel Coaster
-Longest Launch Coaster
-Most Launches on a B&M Coaster
-Most Launches on a Winged Coaster(4)
-Most Clearance Violations on a Roller Coaster (This is now fixed)
A whopping 8 records!(should've just been 2)

Section Tracks
Type Winged Roller Coaster
File Size 3.87 MB
Date Uploaded Aug 14, 2016



Terry Inferno

This is a fantastic NL2 coaster, but nobody is going to think to look for it in the Parkitect folder. Let it roam free with its own kind!


Oh I didn't realize that.