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A coaster of prehistoric qualities lurks around these parks, looking to kill a lot of speed.
Hence the name given at its disposal, "Velociraptor".

Excitement Rating - 7.01 (High)
Intensity Rating - 6.52 (High)
Nausea Rating - 3.15 (Medium)

|Construction Facts ... |
> The original name was suppose to be "Raptor", but decided the prefix "Veloci-" would be added for the idea of speed.
> The ratings of the coaster kept fluctuating during and after the construction process.
> The coaster was inspired by the movie, Jurassic Park.
> The scenery surrounding the coaster in the screenshots was added at the last minute for the "Wow" factor. :)

NOTE: The scenery is not included with the actual coaster. The author decided it would be best to leave it that way so that the people can let their imagination run wild with the exterior design aspect of the coaster.

Section Tracks
Type Looping Roller Coaster
File Size 76.09 KB
Date Uploaded Feb 20, 2012




Well Done RCTNinFreak! Awesome coaster! Ik you would of won! :) Awesome scenery and etc!


Thank you! I'm just slowly trying to get my on my groove entering the BuildIt! Contest. I haven't entered in a such a long time. :)


great coster


Thanks for the comment! :)


as a dino lover i'll absolutely download it and could you make a POV