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NOTE: This download will only work in OpenRCT2. Using the latest release or develop builds is advisable. If this scenario doesn't work for you, not my problem, you are simply using an outdated version!

Version 2 of Venusian Erg, which adds construction rights above the park entrance and changes up the ride selection and financial options slightly. Now also featuring a Legendary difficulty version, with tighter finances and double the required length for the coasters!

Goal: To have 10 different types of roller coasters operating in your park, each with a minimum length of 3,281/6,562 ft (1,000/2,000 m), and an excitement rating of at least 7.00


Section Scenarios
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Date Uploaded Apr 16, 2021
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Scenery on this is Amaaaazing!


Scenery on this is Amaaaazing!

Fred 104 4276

@seanparks Thanks! It really does look amazing. It's a shame your comment got posted twice though.