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Hello! Nice to be here! :) My Name is Pat, im I´m from Germany and i love RCT since i was a Kid. Now i´m in love with Open RCT2 and i have really fun messing around with the Game. But i´m still a newbie. So. Enough about me. :P Maybe here is something Challenging.

Vertical Heights is a Micro Park and features a "accidently found Game Mechanic". The Goal: 850 Guests, Parkrating: 600 until October Year 3. Easy! But not in Vertical Height´s.

This Scenario was tested by me one Time. So i don´t know if the Goal is challenging enough. It worked, but i´m not the best Scenario- Player. After a little while in this Scenario, you will see what the "accidently found Game Mechanic" can be. ;) It´s just fun. :D I hope it will work for you. I dont have the Time for some Testing.

If you want, you can tell me what i can do better, or what Goal will be a better Choice for this Type of Scenario.

All the best!


This Scenario was made with Open RCT 2 0.3.3. I dont know if this will work with Vanilla.

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Date Uploaded May 20, 2021



Fred 104 4276

It definitely won't work in RCT2 vanilla.


Hello! Alright, thanks for the Info. :)