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Please download my track, Vertigo! I worked pretty hard on it, and I learned a LOT about CS on this project. The CS sets you need are: Moby's Steel Jungle v1, Gadgets Coaster Goodies v1.2, SK-SHR91 (can be found on pg. 10 of custom scenery download, used for station), and Jcat's Steelworx.

Excitement: 6.65(high)
Intensity: 6.19(high)
Nausea: 2.79(medium)
Max Speed: 70.25mph
4 inversions
9 seconds of airtime

This coaster also includes a custom inversion designed by me near the end I call the "Rattle Roll." If you have a better name (which I'm sure you're thinking of right now), please post it in the comments of this ride. Finally, feedback and the click of the like button would make my day.


Section Tracks
Type Extended Coaster
File Size 1.49 MB
Date Uploaded Dec 16, 2012