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I found time to make another RCT2 roller coaster during the time I'm not continuing my RCT1 serie premiere Build the Mega Park. Inspiration was low, but I still managed to make something beautiful.

This is the first Giga Coaster I upload here. It is small (and I prefer it like that), but easier to edit since the work to do on it is lesser. I tried to make a classical style station using Roman scenery objects and arches. I didn't put a lot of effort on it, but I think I did well.

I hope you like it! :D

See final screenshot for statistiques.

Section Tracks
Type Giga Coaster
File Size 13.08 KB
Date Uploaded Jun 2, 2016




Once again, we have another beautiful ride!!! Also, you're not continuing the Mega Park? That sucks.


In a few days, the next part of my Build the Mega Park premiere will come. Don't worry!

Captain Lucasade

you built this on open rct2 I joined your server how did you disconnect all those world like that


I had other stuff to do. But what's your OpenRCT2 username? I wanna know!

Captain Lucasade

it was Luke

Captain Lucasade

why do you want to know


Just to find you next time I play OpenRCT2, only that! :)