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This is an awesome set, i love it. You can build pyramids easily with the 3m and 2m blocks. You have 2 coloumns to choose from both with nice hieroglyphics on them. couple hiero walls painted up. The whole set is based on pyramid walls. Also a few wood parts to add a little flare. Very cool set to me..I hope you enjoy pyramids as much as me.

To install:
unzip on the desktop,place in RCT3/style/theme folder in your C drive (mostly). If you com upon an empty folder after the unzip process(happens sometimes) just delete it.

Section Custom Scenery
File Size 2.86 MB
Date Uploaded Jan 7, 2009
Liked by heatherg23




i dont work on mine and i have all the expanchon packs!!!!!!!!!!!!!


@viscosity86 I really love Egyptian scenery & was really ecstatic about using this beautiful looking set. Unfortunately I was bitterly disappointed. Real shame as my anticipation was huge. I have all expansion packs. (Yes that includes the 2 required for this set to work and on top of that, I have Wild! also.) I read your description and was aware of the possibility of unzipping the files and having an empty folder, I made sure te folder had all the contents and it did. I placed it into Style/Themed, I came up with the No Svd for SID error and deleted it and re-extracted the folder and checked all the files and noticed that some of the ovl objects didn't have their common.ovl files which is why this set wouldn't work. Some only had their unique.ovl's. Maybe the best thing to do is edit it and fix this problem so it works, so that when people download it, they won't be disappointed with the results.


Samething happens to me ; same as rct3MattTycoon32005 here. is their a solution or another , better version somewhere, thanks.


I LOVE IT !!!! Great variety,Thanks so much :)